Doing More with Less

Using the 80/20 principle you can learn to do more with less as a secret for success.  Progress occurs often when we concentrate on how to get more out of less.  We can get more from less by leaving things out.  Leave out part of the problem, and in the book the author sites algebra as an example.  You solve the problem by taking out the numbers like when solving for X.  Or a fast food restaurant is basically a restaurant but without the wait staff.  Doing more with less is always possible and inevitable to make and reach progress.  We seem to not be aware of the 80/20 Principles in our own lives as individuals.  As Americans we have a higher standard of living then our parents did but we work longer and harder than they ever did as well.  We are more stressed, stretched of attention or focus and more susceptible to depression.  But what if we can enjoy all the freedom and prosperity by getting more with less?  This is what the 80/20 Principal covers.  We can live a healthier and happier life by applying the principal in our own lives. We used to be more civil to our fellow human beings, less addicted to drugs/money/power, more relaxed a lifestyle, more commitment to family and friends, greater social equality. Life is now divided into the fast track or the slow track and both are less agreeable to the broad track of yesteryear.  We are experiencing poverty of time and love, rather than poverty of money. With each generation of computers is smaller, faster, more efficient and cheaper.  We have figured out how to apply this principle to make products and business effective.  So what if we try this in our own lives?  So what is the sensible way to live our lives?  If this works for business than it will work with our individuals also.  It will take time to apply in business, but the beauty is we can apply it to our lives right away. Let’s stop playing by the modern rules and change those rules for you.  You no longer have to put out more to achieve more, that life is a contest, or that nice guy’s finish last.  The common theme so far in a lot of the books I have read has been to figure out what that small percentage of the most important work you do is and FOCUS on doing THAT!  It’s basically the breakdown of all these many many hours of listening to audiobook’s that has brought me to this conclusion.  If you can figure this out, however, there is a help.  You can do as I did and read all the books I have referenced so far.  Or you can send me a message and we can chat about your options. Here is to a more productive and happier you!