Event in Redwood City, Parks and Arts Foundation

Redwood City Park Art Foundation Redwood City Park Art Foundation

One of my goals and the goal of every parent is I think to spend Quality Time with their kids.  On Sunday I asked my mom to go for a walk with me and take my twin boys with us.  We walked to Red Morton Park a few blocks away.  To my surprise, one of the playgrounds was under construction.  I was unable to see how long it would take to re-open that section of the park for the kids again.  Then in my neighborhood focused app on my phone, Nextdoor.app, an announcement was posted by Communications Analyst Jenny Barnes who works for Redwood City regarding “a 3-part speaker series to hear from experts in the field of urban park planning and design. With the support of Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services, Downtown Park Opportunities is designed to inspire, educate and provoke thought as the City of Redwood City starts the design for parks in three downtown locations to be phased in over five to ten years.”

“The first event will take place on Thursday, April 11th, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Fox Forum and will cover the proposed park site at Library Parking Lot A & Roselli Park”

More information and to register, visit this site:  https://www.rwcpaf.org/downtown-park-speaker-series.html and thanks to Jenny Barnes for posting and giving permission to share the above with you.

Here is to spending Quality Time with your kids as well.