There Is No Plan B

Plan B Ladder Climb by Ben Plan B Ladder Climb by Ben

This Blog post is inspired by the motivational and inspiring speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger this year.  The first rule of success is to have a vision, a plan, a goal.  When you are working hard at something you want in life, is it really work?  The percentage of American’s who hate their jobs is about 74%.  When you work, it’s a chore, it’s work and it’s not fun and so that 74% is putting work and maybe even hard work into something they don’t even want to do.  The person who is working hard and looks tired and sad is working hard at reaching someone else’s vision, plan, and goals.

Don’t let the negative people influence you in any way.  When someone tells you No, you hear Yes.  When they say you can’t, you think, you can.  There is no magic pill, you have to work hard, you have to dedicate time.  If you dedicate just one or two hours a day on your body, your brain, your business.  How many hours is that in a year?  How much further will you go with that time investment in your vision for your future, the legacy for your family?  Organize your day, join a website or get the application from stickK to help keep you accountable to your goals and what you want to achieve.

Arnold Schwarzenegger told the story of a sports writer at the gym who was doing his sit-ups.  They asked him, “how many sit-ups do you do?”  He replied, “I don’t start counting until it hurts!”  His doesn’t start counting until he feels the pain.  Ted Turner said, “work like hell, and advertise.”  Work your butt off and then let people know about what it is that you are doing.

Arnold said that he hates Plan B.  There are so many doubters out there, and it’s OK because you can turn that negative talk off.  But the problem occurs when you start to doubt yourself!  It’s very dangerous, what you tell yourself is that if my plan doesn’t work, I have a fallback plan or a Plan B.  The moment that you do that, you are taking all that energy, time and mental investment away from Plan A and area already subconsciously investing into your Plan B.  It’s very important to understand that we function better when there is no safety net.  People perform better when there is no Plan B because you are cutting yourself off from succeeding when you think about those other options.  And why do people even consider a Plan B in the first place?  It’s because they are afraid to fail.  Don’t be afraid of failing because there is nothing wrong with failing, we all fail.  It’s OK to fail, relax, go out and do and fail, do and fail, do and fail.  You can never climb the ladder of success if you don’t lift a foot one rung at a time.  If your feet slip and you fall off the ladder than immediately get back up on it.  What’s not OK is when you fail and you don’t get back up and try again.  This is how you succeed at whatever it is in life you want to do.

You can only feel complete as a person if you think about what you can do for your fellow man.  For those who need help, pay the blessings forward, give back and it will come back to you tenfold, somehow or someway, it will come back to you.  Be compassionate to your fellow man after you have reached the pinnacle of your vision.  After you have planned out your path for your future.  After you have set goals that are beyond your reach and then sub-goals to allow you to reach them.  I believe in you, you should believe in you too!