I am Ben and I am a native to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have lived here the majority of my life with the exception of one year in Melbourne, Australia as a tadpole.  My passion for technology as a young teenager eventually lead me down the path of becoming a computer technician with educational experience in 3 different Vocational Schools and auditing a few classes at Stanford when I worked there for 5 years.  The majority of my career has been in tech and specifically in the field of education for over 18 of my years. I am the father of 4 awesome kids ages 22, 15, and my two identical twin boys are now eight years old.

Outside of my technology education, I have invested a fair share of cheddar in improving myself(actually a ridiculous amount, loses made in bad investments). I believe in goal setting, AM/PM Routines, taking responsibility for oneself, taking action to change myself as that’s the only way to change your own situations, studying avenues for financial gain and leaving a legacy for my kids when I make my exit from this earth. Doesn’t hurt to make sure I retire with some nice change showing up in my account every month while I am still here, however.  You will be surprised how much money you REALLY need to retire around these parts, especially as the trends continue.

Health wise I have been dealing with Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.  With a lot of reading and researching, I have been able to stop taking my insulin since late January 2019 and have lost 25 pounds thus far with further to go.  I also feel awesome and full of energy and would love to share my learnings in this area with you all as well.

I want to cover here subjects on kids & love, health, technology, the art/literature, legacy & retirement.  I started this website back in 2012 but it’s never too late to get a good start. With my new found time(because I broke myself of technology distractions) I will devote here in something constructive and that I’m passionate about, helping others.  Being a tech-guy means always being in customer service, so this feels like a natural progression for me I think and good second life career.

I’ll try to keep my blogs in plain and simple english(and maybe even sometimes in bad english, apologies ahead of time).  I welcome anyone to call me out on my mistakes or correct me when they feel I’m wrong, this is a safe space to share, learn and grow together as family men, fathers, and simply as individuals.