This is where I would answer the most common questions you all might have for me. Since this website is still new, I hope to get ideas from you all to start loading onto this page.  After all, if there are no questions, there is no FAQ’ either.

What’s your name?

I am Ben and more information about me is on the About Me page.

What makes you such an expert on kids?

Great question!  I believe I am a pretty good authority on all things kids having 4 of them from younger age identical twin boys to my early twenties daughter, along with the teenage boy in the middle for good measure.  I also have worked at school’s for most of my adult life and so I’m surrounded by kids just about 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Why are there so few blog posts?

Although I registered this website back in 2012, I only started it officially in early March of 2019.  I have already written a few blog posts but for SEO(that’s Search Engine Optimization for those who don’t know) I will be releasing a blog or two a week over the next several weeks.  Please be patient with me in the meantime?  I am also open to answer questions or write blog posts on any subjects you all have, just contact me and let me know.

Why are your posts so terrible?

OK, like I said above, nobody has asked me any of these questions so I just made a few up and I think I am being hard on myself with this one.  Maybe, however, you think I am being fair? I sure hope not!  In any case, please help me to be better and let me know what mistakes you find by Contacting me and I’ll get on it to correct.  Sorry in advance!