Audio or Visual, that is the Question

Mixer Image Photo edit by Ben Mixer Image Photo edit by Ben
Added the video above for fun, always trying out new things online, what do you think?

We all learn a little differently and retain information differently.  I, for example, am very auditory when taking in a new subject but I also have to write it down to retain the information.  When it comes to learning a new lesson, something technical for example, I find a video tutorial trumps all other mediums for learning those.  So far, I have just posted links to books here for the materials I have read and studied, wrote about and shared with you all here.  Even though I wrote that I “read” these books, the truth is I consumed almost all of them via Audiobook format.  This format, for me, allows me the flexibility to listen when I’m in the shower, on my short commute to work or my longer drives on the weekends, while going for a walk or the gym.  I love the flexibility that an Audiobook gives me, but if you’re a very visual learner, this method may not be suited for you.  Knowing how you learn best and making sure you are learning that way, will be the most rewarding and beneficial way for you.  I make it a rule to improve my skills for 2 hours a day, some of that may be looking things up online, but more of the time I reach that 2-hour mark with these Audiobooks.

Here is to building your skills parents!