Fear of going . . . to the bathroom?

Pop a Squat Photo Drawing edit by Ben Pop a Squat Photo Drawing edit by Ben

This can seem like an unusual blog post topic, but I have heard my own kids with issues with the going, straining and complaining.  I myself on many occasions had the plumbing get stuffed up (a.k.a. constipation, often pretty severe) and so I think it’s important to share information on this subject. While traveling in Thailand I found a lot of the traditional toilets around town (like at the gas station) and it was no more than a hole in the ground.  As inconvenient as this sounds to go #2 in a facility like this, it’s actually a very healthy way to clear out your waste.  There are the many things you can do with your diet to help like make sure you drink plenty of water, get that fiber from your food.  But if you’re like me, I like to go as a part of my morning routines.  When you get yourself in a full squatting position you allow the path between your intestines and your anus to straighten out and we all have heard that the path of least resistance is in a straight line.  If you can’t get into a full squat position then you can use a footstool to put your feet up on (but honestly the term, pop a squat has some meaning I think, even though I didn’t bother looking up its origins).  I am also obsessed with cleanliness in this particular area after I’m done with the go.  The bidet is my favorite appliance in the bathroom to allow me to clean myself with water.  I honestly can’t see how a dry piece of toilet paper that always leaves residuals is a good way to go and nobody wants streaks in the white undies!  I never do, I just use a cube or two to dry off the area once it’s squeaky clean!  When I travel, I have to take a quick shower after the go and that’s why it’s very convenient for me to make my BM a part of my MR (morning routine, then I just jump into the shower to start my day).  Just an additional note, they also sell portable bidets!

Here’s to some smooth moves for you to start your day also!