Kids & Love

This is the place you can come to find information that can help you with your kids no matter their age.  They say it takes a village, well the Internet is the 2020 version of a village nowadays.  It’s also a page that I think would be great as the community to help each other when being a dad is a greater challenge than usual(because I have a teenage boy and a very early 20’s daughter and it’s not always smooth sailing).  I added love to this blog title because it helps to know how to communicate with our kids who are still learning how to communicate themselves with others and may not have yet found their voice. As the father, we can help best in my opinion because we tend to have a more logical brain and can better suppress our emotions(not that I encourage you to suppress your emotions ever or that women can’t do this as well).  Some of this information may even be helpful to know when things get a little rocky with the significant other if you have them or if you get one later on.